Jo Peters

My inner feeling and intuition are my source of inspiration. My expressions are a balance between man and nature.

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Beeld Jo Peters kunstenaar Vyborg Rusland

Hermitage Vyborg Russia


The Hermitage in Vyborg, Russia, has added a sculpture by Jo Peters to her collection. An animal form made from oak. … [Read More...]

Sustainability Jo Peters Sculpture



The ‘Sustainability’ is designed and made by Jo Peters, commissioned by NaGa Solar, director Henny Pelsers. The company is active in the development of solar energy. The sculpture is a symbol for the goals of NaGa Solar and is made available for the sculpture garden of Jo Peters. The sculpture Sustainability is made from stone, a material … [Read More...]


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Jo Peters’ art is not elitist. it is approachable and sensual.
It makes you touch and reflect.