About me

Jo Peters Kunstwerk LevensbronNature’s beauty, simplicity and force are essential features in Jo Peters’ sculptural art.

His sculptures, in marble, granite and bronze, appeal to the imagination because they yield up something of the force and emotion hidden in these materials. They reveal life as it is: though, soft, raw and polished.

His sculptures command respect by the simplicity of their archetypal forms.
In our hectic technology-oriented society man needs to be reminded of his origins.
Both in his figurative and abstract art Jo Peters wants to bring the spectator closer to these origins and make him stand in awe of nature, the only source of all the forces of life.

Jo Peters’ sensuous art is not elitist. It invites both reflection and to be touched.

Nature in all its manifestations will always remain a source of magic and wonder. It is sensuality, magic and wonder that emanate from Jo Peters’ art.


ABP Heerlen
De Compagnie Dordrecht
Affordable Art Amsterdam
Galerie DIS Maastricht
NATO Brussels (Belgium)
Kulturhaus Schloss Burgau (Germany)
Parkraum Düren (Germany)
Sixth floor (Luxembourg)
Bohüslan museum (Sweden)
Aaartfoundation Kirchberg (Austria)
Hermitage Vyborg (Russia)